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9 Feb 2023

This research assessed whether foods for infants and toddlers sold in Australia met seven nutrition recommendations set by the World Health Organization (European Office). The research revealed that two thirds (67% ) of infant and toddler foods in Australian supermarkets fail to meet these recommendations. 

18 May 2022

Messages relating to ‘repeated exposure’ and ‘variety’ to increase vegetable liking can be communicated to families and caregivers by healthcare practitioners. The food industry provides a vehicle for advice promotion and product development. Further research, where stronger evidence is needed, could further inform strategies for policy and practice, and food industry application.

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09 September 2017

Formula intake was negatively associated with diversity at 14 months, but not dietary quality at 24 months. Overall, diversity and variety of foods consumed were limited despite sociodemographic advantage of the sample. There is an ongoing need to emphasise the importance of repeated early exposure to healthy foods, such that children have the opportunity to learn to like a range of tastes and texture, thereby maximising dietary diversity and quality in infancy and early toddlerhood.

December 2015

The majority of baby and toddler foods sold in Australian supermarkets are ready-made fruit-based products aimed at children under 12 months of age. Baby and toddler foods are overlooked in public policy discussions pertaining to population nutrient intake.

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Grant: 2022 - 2024

Funding: VicHealth Impact Research Grant

This project aims to investigate how parents respond to marketing claims on toddler food products, and develop and test evidence-based communications for mobilising public support for regulatory reform regarding on-pack marketing of toddler foods

Grant: 2023 - 2025

Funding: Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Maternal and Healthy Lifestyles Grant

This project aims to test the efficacy of placing mandatory added sugar warning labels and limiting front-of-pack marketing claims on ready-made infant and toddler foods in promoting healthier food choices by parents for their young children.

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Infant & Toddler Foods Research Alliance
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